Tour around Camiguin Island

Tour at Camiguin Island is ideal during the summer. With a generally good weather condition suitable to travel, tourists can enjoy a great experience.

Most people go to Camiguin during the Holy Week season either to spend time with repentance at the 14 stations of the Cross in Walk Way or to exploit the long holiday enjoying the beaches, springs and other tourist destination in the island.

If you don't have any relatives in Camiguin where you could stay, the first factor you should consider is choosing the lodging house. Of course your choice will be dependent on your budget, but aside from that, you should also consider a lodging house nearer to most of your destinations. Second, it should be near to the port of your selected mode of transportation.

Based from the number of tourist spots, I think you should prefer to stay in Mambajao. There are about six tourist spot directly accessible namely Ardent Hot Spring,White Island,Katibawasan Falls,Walk Way,Sunken Cemetery and Macao Cold Spring.

Mambajao, the capital town of Camiguin is directly accessible by air and sea to Cebu. There are approximately 3 flights weekly from SEAIR for Cebu to Mambajao, Camiguin and vice-versa. A ship from Shuttle Ferry also has a schedule of once a week for the Cebu to Camiguin, Camiguin to Cebu route.

Camiguin has a circumference of about 64 kilometers. If you would like to tour around it, you probably need a vehicle unless the purpose of your tour is more on repentance during the Holy Week season where you would like to hike around the Island. There are available van for hires on some resorts. On some inns and hotels that do not have, you can easily find PUJs for hire on a daily basis at the Mambajao PUJ terminal near Mambajao public market. The rates vary on the size of the vehicle you need. If you are only a few say less than six, you could hire a multicab at a lesser cost(about PHP 1000 to 1200). If you can't be comdortably fitted in a multicab, you can hire a double-tier PUJ at about (PHP 2000 to 2400).

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