Saay Cold Spring

Saay is a glamorous cold spring located at the foot of the Mt. Hibok-Hibok at Quipasa, Mambajao, Camiguin.

To reach the place, you can use a motorcycle but if you want more adventure you can hike. You can start hiking at Mabini street in Mambajao, Camiguin to reach the wonderful Saay Cold Spring. During your hike you can enjoy looking on the animals like the noisy cows, goats, dogs, and insects. You can smell the fragrance of the different lovely flowers along the road. You can see vines creeping on the ground. You can also glance on the amazing view of the coconut trees. During your travel you can watch the overlooking view of rice fields.

Saay cold spring has a Medium and a small pool. In the medium pool, the depth of the water is about 8ft while in the small pool the depth is about 4ft. The pool has a clean and clear water. The spring water comes from the mountain and it is very cold. Fresh and cool air is abundant in this place. You can see mountain views and a magnificent sunshine during early morning. You can also hear the chirping sound of a cricket and the tweeting sound of a bird. Old tagimib tree is also present in the spring.

There is no entrance fee to visit and enjoy the Saay cold spring although you can have a donation at any amount and it is for the improvement of the cold spring.

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