Camiguin Island

Camiguin is a pear-shaped volcanic island located in northern Mindanao. This small island is formed over time by volcanic eruptions giving her spectacular combination of natures beauty. Among the volcanoes in this island are Mt. Hibok-hibok, Mt. Timpong, Mt. Vulcan and a few others.

Camiguin Island view from White Island Camiguin Island contains a vast variety of natural scenic spots. Cold and hot springs can be found in Camiguin. And because it is an island, Camiguin is surrounded with different kinds of beaches. There are also two islets belonging to the Camiguin province namely Mantigue and White Island. These two islets too have very great beaches for anyone who visits to enjoy.

Camiguin Island is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. It is one of the top 25 tourist destinations in the Philippines according to the Department of Tourism. Camiguin is also the no. 7 diving spot in the world.

Camiguin is a peaceful island. Its serene environment is ideally suitable for people who would like to escape from the hassles of city life.

Camiguin is also highlighted because of its abundance of sweet lanzones. The fertile soil and suitable climate nurtures this kind of fruit tree to grow well and bear fruits. Because of this blessing, the people of Camiguin celebrates yearly the Lanzones Festival as a thanksgiving for its bountiful harvest of lanzones.

The people of Camiguin are friendly and hospitable. Although the major language of the camiguingnons are Visayan, most people in Camiguin can speak English well.

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